Sunday, March 1, 2020

Just one yes

March first. This year the Slice of Life snuck up on me. I'm a Literacy Coach in a Middle School and usually I get things going much sooner and we have classes writing, but this year, it snuck up. No students are being prompted to write, but Slicing in March is a ritual I enjoy and I'm committed to it once again this year.

But this morning I was wavering.

I thought, "Let me go for a run and think about it," knowing I do good thinking while I'm getting some movement in, too. I came back still unsure.

Did some laundry.

Started cleaning up my place, you know, adulting and all, and yet I was still wavering.

So I texted a friend from work and asked here, "Hey, are we in for Slice of Life this month? Not the kids, but us?"

And she wrote back with a gif which I cannot get into this post, but was a baby in a diaper dancing and it said, "Let's do it!!"

And so here I am.

She also said she fell down a hill, so she's got her first slice for you all later tonight. (She's ok. I checked.) :-)

That's the power in asking. Sometimes you get a yes on your first ask! Excited to write with you in March, Cap!

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  1. I adore that she GIF-answered you. Cute!

    SOLSC is here and I’m glad you’re back!

  2. It snuck up on me too, but I am happy to be here. i look forward to reading your slices.