Saturday, March 21, 2020

May we be changed

Over the past week, I've been collecting pictures from social media that have...struck me. Wanted to save them all somewhere, and share them out as well. So here you go :-)

Let's start with our medical staff, a huge thank you to each and every one of you.

And then, moving on to the power of what can all do, individually:

Being sure to mind our minds:

And also be mindful of only taking what we need...

We should look to our leaders for love and support:

And, we can be thankful for unintended consequences. We are healing the Earth!

My gut is telling me it's going to take awhile to move beyond this, but we will, and we will then rejoice in getting back to our daily rituals. But, may we be changed. May we take greater care of the Earth, and vote for leaders who will prioritize climate change. May we slow down. May we be more compassionate. May we be more forgiving and may we follow our instincts of love more often that not.

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  1. Beautiful and so powerful. May we be changed sounds like a powerful new motto/hashtag. ❤️ Thank you.

  2. #MayWeBeChanged

    Get your T-shirt guy to do that one! That tweet made me so sad. It's amazing how we wreck things and don't even realize it. I hope we see a little clearer now.